Join people from all over Australia and the world!
Meditate with the meditationHQ Community daily throughout Mental Health Month from Saturday 4th May 2024 to Saturday 25th May 2024.

About One Million Meditations

MeditationHQ Community and Lifeline Australia welcome you to join One Million Meditations (OMM) event, held annually during the Mental Health Month in May.

One Million Meditations event is open to anyone and everyone who cares about their mental wellness and/or the mental wellness of others.

Sign up and commit to a meditation practice of 10 to 20 minutes for 28 consecutive days and experience the difference that meditating daily can make in your life. The meditationHQ Community team will provide a library of guided meditations, so you just need to drop in and plug in!

You can participate as an individual, gather your friends to create a team or just join an existing one to meditate together.

One Million Meditations is a great team-building tool for communities and workplaces.

We encourage schools, clubs and organizations of all sizes to lean into self-discovery and self-love this May.

At meditationHQ Community, we have teamed up once again with Lifeline Australia to support their amazing work in saving lives. So help us to fundraise whilst we guide you through a life-changing meditation practise in May 2024.

May 2024 Mental Health Month Theme:
‘We All Have A Role To Play.’

With Mindfulness and Meditation now recognised as a powerful tool for mental health,

MeditationHQ Community is hosting this mainstream mental health initiative to inspire everyday Australians to take part in their own mental wellness, and by connecting with others in Australia's largest meditation event, making meditation accessible and available to all.

Join people from all over Australia and the world to meditate daily, from 4th May 2024 and attend the MEGA Meditation on 25th May 2024.

How it works

One Million Meditations (OMM) - Australia's largest public meditation event.

Commit to a daily practice through guided meditations. Sign up as an individual, create or join a team as a family, company, club, school or team of any kind to meditate daily for 28 days, with every meditation completed counted towards the end goal of achieving one million meditations by the year 2030.

Get Connected & Meditate Daily

Build Your Mental Fitness

Create Community & Raise Funds

Experience different guided meditations every day!

That’s right, we've got a wide range of guided meditations created by the meditationHQ team, for you to experience every single day. All recordings will be available on this website, as well as on the meditationHQ Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

You can choose to meditate for 10 or 20 minutes, once or multiple times a day. You can also save your favourite sequence to repeat the practice in the way that serves you best.

Registered participants will have new links delivered directly to your inbox each morning and be able to track meditation progress which counts towards our ultimate One Million Meditations goal by 2030.

Explore and experience the wide variety of our guided meditations.

University Partners

Around the world, there have been countless scientific studies on the effect of mindfulness and meditation on psychological health, but very few on Australian soil. The University of Sydney, and the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) have recognised the One Million Meditations initiative as a unique and valuable opportunity to capture Australian data.

Partnering with meditationHQ, they will conduct their own investigations and clinical study in order to publish a research paper later in 2024.

The University of Sydney and UTS will be managing the data collation process and monitoring the results for the One Million Meditations event.

University of Technology, Sydney
The University of Sydney




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Meditation Minutes

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290 minutes

10 minutes once daily for 28 days

580 minutes

10 minutes twice daily for 28 days

870 minutes

15 minutes twice daily for 28 days

1160 minutes

20 minutes twice daily for 28 days

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"It is my intention to encourage as many people as possible to experience the difference meditation can make in their lives.

We can take an equal p proactive and consistent approach to our mental wellness as we would our fitness"

Jason Partington

Jason Partington
Founder of One Million Meditations and meditationHQ

The One Million Meditations (OMM) event is the creation of meditationHQ founder, Jason Partington.

The event was named by Lorelie Luna Ladiges, who has been instrumental in the growth and support of meditationHQ since 2018. The event was originally created in response to elevating suicide rates and mental health challenges experienced in the local Northern Beaches community.

The purpose of One Million Meditations (OMM) is to increase awareness of meditation as a powerful tool for mental wellness and to raise funds for Lifeline Australia. The event is in its 4th year, and has raised over $85000 since the year 2021 for Lifeline Australia.

The MeditationHQ Community has huge plans to grow the event nationally in all captial cities, major regional towns and globally through to 2030.

"I've been on this meditation journey for over 20+ years, and it's had some profoundly positive impacts on my life. I feel more grounded, less reactive and generally a kinder person to be around. Most importantly, it has built my capacity and connection with both myself and those closest to me. There is also something truly special about meditating in the community and with others, so I look forward to meditating with you all in May at One Million Meditations."

AJ Mills

meditationHQ Community -
Our Purpose

Our mission is to make meditation and its benefits available and accessible to all people.

We create connected communities, which support people to connect more deeply with themselves, each other, and the world around them.

By sitting together, we mutually support the life-changing practice of meditation in each other’s lives and bring its benefits further into our communities, and the world.

We provide an accessible public avenue for people who are:

✔ Interested in learning meditation and mindfulness;

✔ Want to deepen their practice;

✔ Are interested in connecting with other meditators;

✔ And/or want to introduce the practice to friends and family.

Our Target by 2030

  • 100 meditationHQ Community locations
  • OMM event in every capital city
  • Raise $1 million for our charity partner
  • 1 million registered meditations in 1 calender year

Let’s get started!

It’s super easy to join OMM and raise funds for Lifeline Australia. You can take part as an individual, create a team, join another team or perhaps start a group at your work and meditate at lunchtime together. Simply click on one of the options below to be a part of One Million Meditations.

Join Solo

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Join A Team

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Why support Lifeline

Making an Impact with Lifeline

The meditationHQ Community was launched in 2018 on Avalon Beach, NSW in response to an alarming increase in suicide rates. We believe that connection to the community brings hope and purpose, and practices of mindfulness and meditation help us to reduce stress, enhance emotional well-being and rediscover the joy in the small things.

With this purpose, we have partnered with Lifeline, Australia's leading suicide prevention service with a vision to achieve an Australia free of suicide and ensure that no person in Australia has to face their darkest moments alone.

Hope through Connection

Research and experience have shown that it is through connection that we find hope and for the next 3 years we will work alongside Lifeline as an arm of mental wellness, growing OMM nationally, raising funds for suicide prevention and spreading awareness for the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

Lifeline’s services are available 24 hours a day to listen, without judgment to any person in Australia who is feeling overwhelmed and every dollar raised means Lifeline can answer more calls from someone in crisis and ensure that Lifeline’s services will continue to be there.

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