Fundraising Questions

How do I sign up?

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Signing up is nice and easy. You just need to be at least 18 years old. Click on the "Sign up" button and fill our your name, email, choose a fundraising goal and upload a pic of you! We'll then log you into your fundraising dashboard to start your campaign.

Can I form a team?

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You sure can! A team is a great way to fundraise with friends and family. Create a team when you sign up, or afterwards from your fundraising dashboard.

How do I get my work place involved?

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OMM is a great team building exercise to do with your work colleagues. Create a workplace team and encourage work mates to join up. Meditation in the office is a great way to start the day, a creative mindfulness exercise to add to a team meeting or a relaxing lunchtime activity.

How do I receive donations?

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If it's your first time fundraising, asking for donations can be daunting. But don't be scared, friends and family want to support you! Just explain what you're doing and why you're doing it, then ask. If you don't get any donations the first time, you can always ask again later.

How do I thank my donors?

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Getting donations is exciting, but make sure you say thanks! You can thank your donors by logging into your fundraising dashboard, scrolling down to your donation feed, and clicking the little heart icon. Write a message, and we'll send it to your donor on your behalf.

How do I get into my account?

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Can't log in? No good! It's easy to reset your password though. Just head to the login page and click "Forgot your password?". It'll send you an email, then you'll be on your way. If you didn't receive the email make sure you check your junk or spam folder. It might take a few minutes to arrive.

What are my fundraising badges?

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Badges are how we recognise you for being awesome! You'll be awarded them automatically, and all your donors can see how much of a superstar you are.

How do I donate to myself?

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Donating to yourself is a great way to get started. It'll show donors that your commited, and you've broken the ice by going first. In your dashboard just click "Sponsor myself" to chip in to your campaign.

How do I convince people to donate?

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When you're talking about why you are fundraising, make sure you speak personally. People are chipping in, because this cause is important to you. Tell a personal story about why you've taken this incredible step to fundraise for us.

Other Questions

Can I share a page with my family?

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Absolutely! You can create a fundraising page for your whole family if you like. Or, if you each want your own page then you can form a team and we'll tally your fundraising together.

Someone gave me cash, what do I do?

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Don't worry, it often happens. Just get in touch with us and we'll help you bank that, and make sure it shows on your fundraising page.

What if I want to cancel my page?

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That's ok, things come up! Just get in touch and we can remove your fundraising page from the campaign.


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